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The Center for Board Development Honor Program awards will be awarded at our Fall Leadership Conference.

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The 2019 Fall Leadership Conference


MSBA will host the annual Fall Leadership Conference with the intent to bring together school board members and educational leaders from across the state to share, engage and learn the topics that aim to help them improve their respective districts and schools.


The Early Bird Seminar, held on November 11, will host a number of discussions from various ends of the spectrum regarding parliamentary procedures, identifying stakeholders and how to properly utilize them, along with a powerful poverty simulation that allows participants to view the world through a child’s eyes.


Branding Your School District | Nov. 12th


Join this session to learn the definition of branding, the importance of a brand’s image and the connection it has on the community at large


Conducting Effective & Efficient Board Meetings


Every board member should glean new information from this learning opportunity | The session will include a discussion on how to work through the technical issues and tentative decisions that board members face


Compliance Audit


Revisit the board’s approach to approving and reviewing financial documents and the process of proper bookkeeping


Who’s Telling Your Story?


Participants will take a three-part look into branding, communications, policies and how they should work hand-in-hand | Boards will learn the importance of telling a brand’s story along with the do’s and don’ts of branding







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