Opportunities for Credit

School board members will earn three training credit hours for each three hours attended at the Legal Hot Topic seminars.

Superintendents and others with administrative licenses can earn five SEMI credit hours for each six hours attended at the Legal Hot Topic seminars.

School board attorneys who are members of CSBA (Council of School Board Attorneys) can earn three CLE hours for each three hours attended at the Legal Hot Topic seminars.


Event Downloads

10.11.16 Public Records Request - HCSD

Are We Closing Discipline Gap 2015 summary

Bell v Itawamba Discipline off campus misconduct

Bullying Criminal Statutes Rev Jan 2016

Bullying law 2017 HB0263SG

Discipline records request by Southern Poverty Madison County 11.6.2013

Hinds v RB

Mississippi Compulsory School Attendance Law

OCR DCL Discipline Jan 2014

OCR DCL Sped Discipine


Student Discipline Statutes (10-17)


This annual seminar series with MSBA General Counsel Jim Keith continues to be popular with school leaders, providing up-to-date legal expertise and insight on the top issues affecting Mississippi education. Student discipline, personnel issues and employment/federal labor laws are among the areas addressed by Jim and his staff at Adams and Reese, LLP. 
Legal Landmines in Student Discipline
Register Now for one or both of the October 3, 2018 sessions

Do you want to know where the landmines are regarding student discipline? Let Attorney Jim Keith help you plan a discipline strategy that will not cause an explosion in your district. Attend the a.m. seminar, p.m. seminar, or both to learn best practices that proactively address student discipline to help your district stay out of trouble with the Department of Justice. 


Family Medical Leave Act: General Leave Issues 
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one or both of 
the November 7, 2018 sessions

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is an extensive and often confusing law. Is it any wonder you find yourself second-guessing your decisions? This seminar, divided into two classes, will provide a basic understanding of FMLA during the morning and a more advanced session in the afternoon. Attend the a.m. seminar, p.m. seminar, or both to get the practical, applied facts that will keep your district out of trouble.

Education Employment Procedures Law
Register Now for the January 23, 2019 session

Does the Education Employment Procedures Law (EEPL) leave you confused and searching for answers? This seminar will reveal best practices for reducing legal liabilities related to termination notices, employee contracts, and revocation/suspension of teacher and administrator licenses for sexual misconduct. Learn what you need to know about EEPL and how you can avoid common mistakes. 

Fair Labor Standards Act: Wage and Hour Issues
Register Now for the April 10, 2019 session

When it comes to something as important as employee wages, you cannot afford a mistake that may  cause an investigation by the Department of Labor or a costly lawsuit from an employee. This seminar will clarify the latest decisions and applications of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Learn from court decisions and hear examples of cases that have cost other organizations plenty.










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