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The publications in this section are provided exclusively for Mississippi board members and superintendents. The files are password protected. Please call MSBA at 601-924-2001 and request the user name and password.  

Education Employment Procedures Law Handbook EEPL Handbook

The School Board Primer Provides school board basics in a question & answer format.

So You Want to Be a School Board Member? A guide for school board candidates

Board President's Handbook Provides guidance on the president/chair's duties, meetings management, and board-superintendent relations.

MS Code & Policy Cross Reference Guide Points you to legal and policy sections on a wide range of school topics.

MSBA School Board Meetings Manual Provides guidance on setting agendas and managing meetings.

School Board Effectiveness Audit An instrument for taking stock of your board's effectiveness.

Selecting a School Board Attorney The laws governing public schools are constantly changing and growing more complex.  To keep up, school districts must have access to legal counsel.

New Board Member Orientation  A document specifically focused on acclimating new board members to the processes and functions of board member service.

Professional Governance Standards A document that focuses on the board member code of conduct and governance standards.

Parliamentary Procedure Tips- Taking Action at Board Meetings A document that offers tips on parliamentary procedures for school board meetings.

2015 Superintendent Evaluation An instrument to objectively evaluate your superintendent.

"How to Select a Person to Serve on The School Board" Presented at the Mississippi Municipal League Conference

Case Studies in Board Leadership – Answers Answer Booklet

Roles and Responsibilities of the School Board

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