New board members learned about their role as board members, insurance for board members, district finances, Mississippi school accountability, ethics, and legal roles and responsibilities. Basic Course offers participants the opportunity to work in small groups, ask questions, and become familiar with their new role.

Here's what our participants had to say about what was most helpful in their sessions:

What was most helpful about…

Effective Boardmanship with Dr. Mike Waldrop?

This course go me thinking and I believe it has prepared me to be a better board member by focusing on our policy, our mission and our district goals.

The open dialogue with the participants was wonderful. The information presented was highly informative.

I now understand the do's and don'ts of being an effective board member. The "Understanding the Leadership Role of the School Board and Superintendent" chart really helped.


Insurance Basics for School Board Members with Anissa Young?

I enjoyed the examples used to support the facts.

I loved being able to ask questions and workers comp trusts.

What a School Board Should Know About District Finances with Sandy Halliwell?

 I appreciated learning how and what money you can and cannot spend.

Sandy was very informative of district finances. She clearly explained budgeting and was very effective.

Mississippi School Accountability with Pat Ross?

Mr. Ross presented very complex information in a simple fashion. Well presented - very helpful!

I gained some understanding of school measurements and will seek to gain more understanding. Excellent information!

School Board Ethics/Focusing on Proper Board Governance with Dr. E. Harold Fisher and Denotris Jackson?

The interactive discussion with the presenters was very informative.

This session, especially the videos, helped board members know their role as an ethical, effective board member.

The Legal Roles and Responsibilities of the School Board with Jim Keith, Esq.?

Jim Keith's extensive knowledge of our legal roles as board members. He clarifies what my role is as a board member.

Mr. Keith's thorough explanation and realistic situations. I appreciated him pointing out individual liability exposure.


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