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Continuing Education Overview 

Training is one of the most important services provided by MSBA. Continuous learning focused on improving our schools and student achievement is quite important for all education professionals.  

While training is board-member focused, MSBA welcomes superintendents and other district leaders to join in the sessions. MSBA believes and advocates that superintendents and boards must work together as a TEAM to improve schools.   

Board members are provided regionally scheduled evening and Saturday courses to satisfy state requirements for earning six (6) hours of continuing education annually. At least two 3-hour courses are provided each year, examining timely issues and areas of need.  

2020-2021 CBD Topics

Experience is often called “the best teacher.” Usually, that means that we have had to learn something by making mistakes.  But wouldn’t it be nice to learn before mistakes are made? MSBA’s 2020-2021 CBD modules use experiences of school boards to help participants learn the correct way to handle a wide variety of school board situations. 

  • So, You Want to Be School Board Chair? –  This module is designed to help participants understand that the role of the board chair requires the skills to handle a group process, including the ability to lead a group in a fair but firm manner, to confront (and even welcome) diversity, and to adhere to agreed-upon rules for board conduct.  Through interactive activities, scenarios, and discussion, participants will learn traits of highly effective school board chairs, skills to consider when electing a chair, board operating protocols, the chair’s role between meetings, and will cover a variety of other topics that will enhance the board’s understanding of the role of the board chair.
  • Safety:  Prepare, Prevent, Respond – School safety is the responsibility of the board and the superintendent. Together the board and superintendent create a safe school environment by focusing on school safety as a state accreditation, student achievement, financial, and ethical issue.  Through activities, scenarios, and discussion, participants will learn that preparation, prevention, and appropriate response are the keys to establishing a safe school district for all children.





2020-2021 Trainers


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