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O-Policy Benefits


Locate a board policy with fast, easy search tool

Web links to related legal codes for all policies

Updates provided every summer

Access via the Web anytime


Help With Policies

Need help with your policies? Contact Denotris at MSBA: 888-367-6722 / 601-924-2001 / Send Email.


MSBA O-Policy Service

O-Policy Service

When you think of online policies, think EASY, EFFECTIVE, AND ECONOMICAL.

MSBA's O-Policy Service —

  • provides online access to MSBA's Sample Policy Manual, with over 350 sample policies that address school board operations, general school administration, fiscal / business management, personnel, students and public relations
  • includes live links to legal references included in the sample policies
  • allows users to search for the appropriate policy by using key words and/or phrases
  • is password-protected so that only district-designated personnel can modify or add policies
  • saves the district time and money
  • eliminates manual cut and paste of revisions to local policies
  • allows the district to add local district-specific policies easily and efficiently
  • includes over-the-phone technical support

COST TO DISTRICT: $1,500 - $3,000 per year depending on level of training and technical support provided by MSBA.

DISTRICT REQUIREMENTS: Computer; internet access; receive online training

Contact Austin Gilbert at "agilbert@msbaonline.org" for more information.

Other Options


Is your Policy Manual in Need of an Overhaul?

MSBA policy consultants work with boards to develop a complete policy manual for their district. The manual will be based on the MSBA Policy Reference Manual integrating the board's current policies and practices.

Contact Austin Gilbert at MSBA for more information or (601) 924-2001 / 1-888-367-6722 / Send Email


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