The Mississippi School Boards Association Prospective Superintendent Leadership Academy is a yearlong program designed to prepare potential candidates for superintendent positions in Mississippi’s public schools. The program will provide intensive in-depth preparation for the challenging job of being a public school superintendent.  

Candidates who are currently Mississippi administrators and are recommended by their employing school district will be given preference. Local boards and superintendents recommending employees will authorize release time for any employees who are selected and candidates who successfully complete the program will receive certification from the Academy’s review board. A group of 30 candidates will be selected annually for the  Prospective Superintendent Academy and will attend monthly training covering a variety of topics that will be essential to the role of the superintendent. The curriculum for the MSBA Prospective Superintendent Leadership Academy is regularly updated to reflect current research, Mississippi law, and the superintendent’s executive and administrative responsibilities for the school district. Interested candidates may apply for entrance into the program by submitting a completed packet of materials to MSBA by the appointed date. Upon receipt of credentials, a screening committee will review materials and select candidates for the program. 




PSLA Graduate: Supt. Dr. Lundy Brantley, Neshoba County School District

PSLA Graduate: Supt. Dr Delesicia Martin, Hinds County School District


PSLA Graduate: Supt. Dr. Donna Boone, Forrest County AHS School District


PSLA Graduate: Supt. Dr. Carla Evers, Pass Christian School District

The 2022-2023 Cohort will meet in the following months.

September 2022
October  2022
November 2022
January 2023
ebruary 2023
March 2023
April  2023



To download the 2023-2024 PSLA Application for Admission Packet, click here.


 The deadline to apply is March 31, 2023.

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